Frequently Asked Questions

RIGHT BY MEN is a fully vegan line and cruelty-free.  We never test on animals, nor do we allow suppliers to conduct animal testing on our behalf.

RIGHT BY MEN products are not formulated with any perfumes or unnatural fragrances.  However, due to the natural botanical ingredients used in our products, you may notice a slight hint citrus smell within our products that contain Vitamin C.

No, RIGHT BY MEN products do not contain any parabens.

According to dermatologists and skin care experts, the skin takes at least one month to start showing results.  However, for a new skincare routine you must allow at least three months to understand if it has been effective for your overall skin type.

Absolutely!  You should be wearing SPF all year round. The sun’s damaging rays are one of the main causes of your skin prematurely ageing. There’s no point in investing time and money in a good skincare routine if you’re not applying an appropriate level of SPF as the final step in your morning routine.

All RIGHT BY MEN products were formulated for all skin types including sensitive skin.  It’s always best to patch-test new products to see for yourself.

You can find a list of ingredients on the individual product pages.

According to dermatologists and skin care experts, the skin takes at least one month to start showing results.  However, with our skincare routine you will see results within 14 days of consistent use everyday and night.

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Yes, our non-alcoholic, lightweight formulas provide relief from acne outbreaks, skin irritation, and redness.

All of the RIGHT BY MEN products contain high levels of Vitamin C. When Vitamin C is exposed to light and air, it has the ability to change colors. It does not mean the product is bad or unsafe to use, rather it just means the product was exposed to external elements when it should not have been. The best example of this happening is when you leave an apple out on the counter, and it turns brown. The apple turns brown because the Vitamin C and Antioxidants within the apple have been exposed to light and air. The same thing can happen with the RIGHT BY MEN products if a lid has not been placed on tightly or if product was left around the rim of the bottle/orifice. The product is safe to use, we recommend just wiping away any leftover product and tightly placing your lids back on the product. 
Remember to store the product in a cool dry place and keep out of light and heat.

Yes, all Right By Men products are Unisex. They provide the same results.

The short answer? EVERYTHING.

Every living organism, including bacteria, plants, animals, and humans, need minerals to function properly. Humans need a wide array of minerals in specific amounts. The problem isn’t (yet) that minerals are no longer in the soil, it’s just that they’re present in much smaller amounts than what we need for health.

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