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What is Fulvic & Humic Acid Concentrate? ↓

The Fulvic & Humic Acid Concentrate, contains no natural colors, flavors or preservatives. It contains 2 naturally occurring compounds, one of which is humic mineral, giving it the black color. The other compound is Fulvic Acid, giving it cellular activity. It also has more than 74 rare and essential minerals.e.

Drinking water alone is not just enough for complete hydration!


Drinking water alone is not just enough for complete hydration simply because the fluids in your body consist of minerals and other substances such as electrolytes suspended in water. Therefore, for your body to absorb and retain water (hydration), you need to be drinking water infused with a whole range of minerals, more than 75 of them created by mother earth. Such naturally balanced water with electrolytes is hard to come by, therefore, GTX created the Fulvic & Humic Acid Concentrate for maximum hydration, mineralization and pH balance by everyone.

The Fulvic & Humic Acid contains more than 75 different natural minerals extracted from rare deposits in the pristine wildness of North America. These minerals are all plant base and the plants existed about 80 million years ago.


Minerals are the only nutrients created when the planets where born, therefore, in any particular soil on the surface of the earth, you may find some and not others. These minerals are chelated to fulvic and humic acid molecules which are plant derived organic compounds, making them biologically available to the body.

This is the reason why taking minerals that are chelated and dissolved in liquid form may be the best way to provide minerals to our bodies. Also, instead of just taking one mineral, with Fulvic & Humic Acid, you’re ingesting 75 of them daily.

Studies suggest that drinking alkaline water or eating alkaline products could help with pH regulation .

pH Balance

Most Western societies have body pH that tends to be acidotic, meaning lowering far below 7 (or neutral). There are many reasons for this because of the lower or acidic drinks we ingest on daily basis and also the over-processed foods we eat regularly. 

The high or alkaline pH of the Fulvic & Humic Acid Concentrate interacts with the acid present in the stomach to reduce some of the acid by quenching it. Also, the humic acid molecule tends to bind some of the acid present in the stomach fluids, thereby by limiting their amounts available that could reach the blood stream.

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