Probiotics Capsules

Probiotics Capsules

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Probiotics Capsules

Each bottle contains 60 capsules (a 60-day supply)

Our probiotic and prebiotic blend is specifically designed to enhance gut immune function and overall well-being for adults aged 18 and older.

Key Features:

- Developed to support overall health, including radiant skin and heart health.
- Engineered to withstand digestion.
- Does not require refrigeration.

•No Preservatives
•No Binders

The Probiotics Capsules are made from humic/fulvic acid powder with top-quality soil-based probiotics & prebiotics to naturally promote gut health. Each 450mg capsule is easy to swallow and offers numerous potential benefits, such as:

- 5 Electrolytes (Na, K, Cl, Ca, Mg)
- 74+ Minerals
- Gentle on the stomach
- Gut Barrier support
- Detox formula
- Energy boost
- Immunity boost
- Digestive health
- Mineralization with 74+ minerals
- Chemical-free formula

Benefits beyond gut health:

•Digestive health:
- Supports healthy digestion, regularity, and reduces bloating
- Promotes healthy stool hydration and ease of evacuation
- Helps ease occasional gastrointestinal discomfort

•Gut Barrier Integrity:
- Maintains healthy gut barrier function and integrity
- Supports healthy tight junction in vitro
- Protects against ethanol and endotoxin-induced permeability

•Gut Immune Function:
- Enhances gut immune function and communication between immune and intestinal cells
- Promotes healthy immune responses in the gut
- Supports the production of short-chain fatty acids

•Promotes heart health:
- Helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels
- Supports healthy cholesterol and bile recycling in the intestines

•Dermatological Health:
- Enhances skin health
- Supports the gut-skin axis

•Micronutrient Synthesis:
- Aids in the production of folate (vitamin B9) and bioactive forms of folate
- Supports the synthesis of vitamin B12

Support Skin Recovery

Maintain Skin Firmness and Elasticity

Even Skin Tone + Texture

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for your health & wellness

Check Out The Benefits Of Use

 Mineralize the body
 Oxygenate the blood
 Chelate toxic or inorganic metals and chemicals, as well as essential major and trace elements
 Repair, regenerate, and restore cells (including skin and nails)
 Acquire electrolytes and other vital elements
 Regulate and supercharge the immune system
 Improve brain function (including memory)

 Catalyze enzymes
 Improve circulation
 Increase endurance
 Produce energy (ATP)
 Balance cell life
 Structure hormones
 Control inflammation
 Stimulate metabolism
 Revitalize libido (desire and function)
 Cleanse, neutralize, and remove toxins
 Regulate the thyroid and thymus glands
 Assimilate macro- and micro-elements
 Protect against unnatural oxidation
 Maintain optimum alkalinity (pH) levels
 Break down complex nutrients, elements, and other substances for easier absorption or elimination

energize hydrate

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